/+/+/+Natural makeup trend: Yoga skin/+/+/+/
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/+/+/+Natural makeup trend: Yoga skin/+/+/+/

Natural makeup trend: Yoga skin

How about the reflection of the vitality that occurs on your skin after yoga with a few makeup methods you will apply?

Although the reflection of the spiritual religiosity of yoga on your skin makes your appearance vivid and brilliant, it may not always be possible to have this image. Here, thanks to yoga skin, a brand new practical technique, you can look healthy.

Prepare your skin

To create the appearance of yoga skin, you first need to apply your normal skin care products. Then give your skin a five-minute time to absorb the products before moving on to makeup.

Foundation blend for yoga skin

Start your makeup by applying your base. Here’s a list of things you should have for yoga skin makeup made with a cocktail of colorful cosmetics and care products: mix one measure of liquid illuminator, one measure of care oil and 3-4 parts of foundation. If you have dry skin, you can also add some moisturizer to this mixture.

Massage the skin into your skin with your fingers and hands. This pressure that you apply naturally on your face with your hands will allow you to achieve a light red and vivid appearance after yoga. If you have dark circles in your custody, you can apply concealer to these areas. Try not to use any powder so that you can maintain a moist and shining look.